• Photoshop layers selection sample
    Selections and layer blending example (four images combined to make one)
  • Photoshop restoration sample
    Restoring a damaged print
  • Photoshop restoration sample
    Restoring and partly colorizing a damaged print and styling it as a mid-century postcard
  • Photoshop layers, selection, textures sample
    Blending layers, selections, custom textures, changed color of jackets
  • Photoshop hand painting and custom textures sample
    Custom textures, gradients and custom painting (used an existing black and white line drawing as a base)
  • Photoshop colorizing and watermark sample
    Colorizing a grayscale image by hand and adding a custom watermark

Photo editing

Class assignments and projects for Adobe Photoshop I class. I was asked to become an embedded student tutor for future sections of this class and also provided help to fellow students with this coursework as part of my work as Senior Instructional Assistant in the Business Computer Lab.