Santa Rosa Rural Cemetery testing in cemetery
Our client from the City of Santa Rosa and fellow web team member Cassie
testing the Rural Cemetery mobile tour site at the cemetery

User Testing - 180 Studios site redesign and Santa Rosa Rural Cemetery Interactive Mobile Tour

UX testing

User interface testing was one of the final tasks for both projects I completed for my Web & Digital Media projects class, which is the capstone class for both of the web certificates (Web Design and Web Programming) I completed in May 2017.

We did two phases of user testing:

  • Testing within the team on various devices - desktop computers, laptop computers and mobile devices
  • Formal user testing with classmates (video above) using the following scripts: Rural Cemetery script and 180 Studios script , which we worked on as a team

QA testing

Once all necessary changes had been made to the user interface as a result of feedback obtained from these tests, we moved on to the final phase of the projects - QA testing. This was done in-class, by all web projects students testing each other's and their own sites for QA and accessibility errors (using the WAVE accessibility tool). These errors were entered into a ticketing system and assigned to team members by the Scrum Master. We used the ticketing system to keep track of the process of resolving any errors and testing each other's work.

Once the user testing and QA testing had been completed we were finally ready to deliver our work to the clients.