Santa Rosa Rural Cemetery
Interactive Mobile Tour

Technologies used

  • Google Maps JavaScript API using geolocation
  • JSON files to serve the data for each grave to modals when a grave is selected
  • WordPress to store the data for each grave and to make it easier for the client to update the site moving forward
  • Advised the client on domain name registration, web hosting and QR codes

Project overview

This was one of two projects I completed for my Web & Digital Media projects class, which is the capstone class for both of the web certificates (Web Design and Web Programming) I completed in May 2017. This is an advanced project management class in which students work in teams to complete digital media projects for local nonprofits. We learned about writing a proposal, bidding a job, Agile/Scrum workflow, content development, effective teamwork, communication skills, client relations, project delivery and maintenance.

  • Santa Rosa Rural Cemetery Mobile Tour home page
    Final home page
  • Santa Rosa Rural Cemetery Mobile Tour About page
    About page with site menu displayed
  • Santa Rosa Rural Cemetery Mobile Tour map page
    Interactive map with custom pointers and path overlay
  • Santa Rosa Rural Cemetery Mobile Tour grave page
    Sample grave page
  • Santa Rosa Rural Cemetery Mobile Tour moodboard
    Design moodboard
  • Santa Rosa Rural Cemetery Mobile Tour design options
    Three final design options

Client brief

The brief for the project was to build an interactive, multimedia mobile cemetery tour which would have the following minimum functionality:

  • Google Map with 29 points and the ability to turn on the visitorsā€™ location so they can use it to get to the next grave
  • Names, DOB and DOD for each of the 29 graves currently listed in the printed self-guided brochure
  • Some brief text information about the life of each deceased individual
  • Image(s) for each grave
  • Optional audio content ā€“ a 30 second to one minute audio clip about each deceased individual


I worked on this project as part of a team of four. We used Agile/Scrum production methods to complete the project. We started by defining user stories and used these as the base for defining the work that would be completed in the four sprints. We used Trello to organize our work and communicate with each other about our progress.

My role

My role was Web Designer, and I also worked on aspects of Project Management and Content Development. As designer, my goal was to produce a very clean and simple design which only included required, functional elements. The tour would be delivered via mobile phone, therefore screen real estate would be at a premium, and people would not be spending that much time on the site as they would be standing up, walking around, distracted and possibly facing inclement weather conditions. The tour needed to be easy to use and load quickly or people would likely abandon it. Content should be brief and engaging.

My contributions

  • Created two iterations of the moodboard and two sets of three design options for delivery to the client
  • Assisted with photo shoot of the 29 graves and some general shots of the cemetery for use on the site; selected images from this shoot for use on the site, cropped/resized them and uploaded them to WordPress for use on individual grave pages
  • Worked on the CSS file to make the design of the site conform to my design specifications and color scheme
  • Created slideshows for client presentations and was the primary author/editor of the project proposal document
  • Contributed to the development of the site architecture and copyedited and wrote some of the content on the Home and About pages
  • Assisted with testing the site on multiple devices and with in-person user testing