• Proposed new page design
    SRJC DE new home page design
  • 'Old' home page as of June 2017
    SRJC DE home page, June 2017

Santa Rosa Junior College
Distance Education home page redesign

Project overview

The Distance Education home page had become too cluttered and the navigation had become bloated. Staff and students complained it was difficult to find what they were looking for. I was asked to redesign this page.


I used analytics data from our web governance tool, Siteimprove, which I had to first consolidate in Excel, to determine which links would stay on the home page. There was already a separate Faculty Information page and Student Information page, so I removed all of the links that were duplicated from these pages on the home page and put large buttons on the navigation bar directing existing students and faculty to these pages. The main body of the page and the navigation bar were used to feature news and links that would be relevant to new students and students new to online learning.

The new page design was well received by my colleagues, however I was reassigned to more urgent projects at the end of my short term contract and did not have time to implement the design in Drupal.