• 180 Studios final home pages, desktop and mobile
    180 Studios new website mockups
  • Site architecture Coggle and final navigation bar
    180 Studios site architecture coggle and final navigation bar
  • Final home page design, before and after, desktop
    180 Studios before and after, desktop
  • Final home page, desktop
    180 Studios final site design, desktop
  • Education & Events page, desktop
    180 Studios Education & Events page, desktop
  • Room Rentals page, desktop
    180 Studios Room Rentals page, desktop
  • Final home page and Volunteering page, mobile
    180 Studios final site pages, mobile

180 Studios website redesign

Project overview

This was one of two projects I completed for my Web & Digital Media projects class, which is the capstone class for both of the web certificates (Web Design and Web Programming) I completed in May 2017. This is an advanced project management class in which students work in teams to complete digital media projects for local nonprofits. We learned about writing a proposal, bidding a job, Agile/Scrum workflow, content development, effective teamwork, communication skills, client relations, project delivery and maintenance.

Client brief

The brief for the project was to help 180 Studios, a local nonprofit space for North Bay makers, to migrate their website to a new Wild Apricot content management system (CMS). The client also requested that the new website be more personalized and include many more photos of the studio, as the current website relied primarily on stock photos.


I worked on this project as part of a team of three. We used Agile production methods to complete the project. We started by defining user stories and used these as the base for defining the work that would be completed in the four sprints. We used Trello to organize our work and communicate with each other about our progress. The project manager assigned effort weights to each task and was in charge of the burndown chart.

My role

My role was Web Programmer / Content Developer, but I also worked on design. The biggest challenge in this project was that we were required to use the Wild Apricot CMS. This is a very basic website CMS which is part of a larger suite of membership management tools for nonprofits, and none of us had used it before.

My primary contributions to the project were:

  • Chose the Wild Apricot theme and customized it using Wild Apricot's options and an additional custom CSS file to align with 180 Studios' branding guidelines
  • Customization included changing the layout so that there was no large margins on the left and right, changing the default font for the theme, and customizing the footer on both desktop and mobile versions of the site
  • Checked the pages using responsive design mode in the browser and on a phone and made amendments where necessary, including adding some additional media queries
  • Created a content inventory in Excel and managed the migration of content from the old site to the new site
  • Worked on the new information architecture with the project manager, taking into account the navigation of the existing site and the additional content requested by the client for the new site
  • Selected new images for use throughout the site
  • Enabled and tested the events module