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Santa Rosa Junior College
Distance Education Blog Makeover
Technologies used
  • Drupal site-wide administrative privileges
  • Views
  • Code per node
  • Custom fields

I was asked to fix the Distance Education blog, which had become 'sick' due to staffing shortages in the department. I ensured the correct modules were activated and amended the Drupal View and Block settings so that the teaser images were restored and the correct fields were showing in the correct places and were formatted correctly. I also added a streamlined pager on the Faculty Information page (where the blog was featured) so that staff would see a preview of the most recent post automatically, but could also page through to see a preview of the older posts.

The blog, which had been neglected and had outdated content, was now refreshed and ready to be used by department staff for a new weekly training feature. I have since been approached by other departments, asking them to set up their blogs for them.